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Success through our unique approach

We develop and manage solutions in a way that aims at and supports operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, complying with global processes and solutions. We manage the relationship between sponsors, BPO's, SME's and other stakeholders to ensure that agreed services are developed and delivered in a cost efficient and qualitative manner.


Blueprints are typically documented based on initial workshops conducted with the Business Process Owner (BPO) and any Subject Matter Experts (SME's).


The 'configuration service' involves the tailoring of an SAP solution to meet the specific business requirements, based on previous Blueprinting activities.


The complete documenting of a project is one of the most under-estimated, often least priortised (but equally important) deliverables.

Testing & Training

During the life of your project, there will always be a requirement to "test". This could range from a simple / silo approached unit test, an integrated test with other related modules / Process areas, regression testing of a recent change (prior to migrating it to your Production system).

Cut-over & Support

The Blueprint captured your business processes and proposed a solution that was built, tested and approved. The data has been cleansed, users are trained and documentation is complete. Are you ready for Go-Live?

Master Data

Master data is the core data of an enterprise that exists independently of specific business transactions and is referenced in business transactions.

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Our approach

Results oriented

Constantly achieving superior results by making change happen, using decisive and action orientated methodology.

Our work

Condition Exclusion

Condition Exclusion Introduction During the Drop Shipment scenario, (Intercompany Billing) it is the Product Companies (PC) that deliver the goods on behalf of the Network Company, (NC). As the NC is not aware of the amount to be invoiced by … Read More


Italian Bollo

Italian Bollo Introduction When Italian businesses invoice their domestic customers an amount greater than 77.47, and no VAT is applied, they are required to apply an additional 1.81 to the final amount, (Bollo). This is a legal requirement and has … Read More


European VAT 2010

European VAT 2010 Introduction During July 2009, Wartsila Finland’s Corporate Tax department were informed that as of 01.01.2010, the place of supply (when determining and reporting VAT) for service related materials would no longer be where the work physically took … Read More

The human element

What's our secret?

A well established consultancy with over 20 years experience across multiple industries. We develop and manage solutions in a way that aims at and supports operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, complying with global processes and solutions.

…everything you have been involved in has been done with full commitment and in a very polite and professional way

Wärtsilä, Finland
Director, Business Control

…you are always very clear when you explain the solutions and you understand always what I need (in spite of my English and my SAP technical vocabulary)

Cremona, Italy
Logistic Planner & Product Allocator

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