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About JICL

A highly motivated, enthusiastic company with a strong commitment to producing quality results every time.

About JICL

JICL is owned by Steve Jackson, a seasoned business professional and senior functional SAP Consultant with over twenty years of diverse industry experience. Steve is dedicated to developing and managing solutions that prioritize operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness while aligning with global standards. He takes charge of fostering relationships between sponsors, BPOs, SMEs, and other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of agreed-upon services in a cost-efficient and high-quality manner. Steve consistently achieves exceptional results by driving change with decisive and action-oriented methods. He sets and pursues his own targets while also focusing on personal and professional development for himself and others. Steve possesses strong analytical skills and a keen attention to detail, which he applies with sensitivity to various situations and cultures. He is committed to delivering a friendly and professional service to his clients.


Blueprints are typically documented based on initial workshops conducted with the Business Process Owner (BPO) and any Subject Matter Experts (SME's).


The 'configuration service' involves the tailoring of an SAP solution to meet the specific business requirements, based on previous Blueprinting activities.


The complete documenting of a project is one of the most under-estimated, often least priortised (but equally important) deliverables.

Testing & Training

During the life of your project, there will always be a requirement to "test". This could range from a simple / silo approached unit test, an integrated test with other related modules / Process areas, regression testing of a recent change (prior to migrating it to your Production system).

Cut-over & Support

The Blueprint captured your business processes and proposed a solution that was built, tested and approved. The data has been cleansed, users are trained and documentation is complete. Are you ready for Go-Live?

Master Data

Master data is the core data of an enterprise that exists independently of specific business transactions and is referenced in business transactions.

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Steve Jackson

Director A highly motivated, enthusiastic individual with a strong commitment to producing quality results every time.

Career Background

Steve Jackson, born and educated in West Yorkshire, embarked on a career in the Royal Navy as a Junior Marine Engineering Mechanic at the age of 16. During his 14 years of service, he rose through the ranks with dedication and ambition, gaining valuable experience and responsibility.

Throughout this period, Steve demonstrated unwavering dedication to his career advancement, combining hard work, ambition, and unwavering determination. In his early twenties, he swiftly ascended through the junior ranks, achieving eligibility for promotion to ‘Petty Officer’ by the remarkable age of 26, equivalent to the rank of Sergeant. This promotion entrusted him with the role of ‘Marine Engineering Officer of the Watch’ (1st class), where he assumed sole responsibility for a £60m propulsion plant, much to the surprise of his colleagues. Serving on both Aircraft Carriers and Type 23 Frigates, including notable vessels like HMS Ark Royal, Grafton, Richmond, Marlborough, and Montrose, Steve concluded his military tenure in 2005 as a respected and well-travelled “Non-Commissioned Officer” at the age of 30.

Transitioning to the commercial industry in 2005, Steve ventured into the world of SAP, quickly becoming proficient in the Sales, Distribution and Logistics Execution modules. He relocated to Finland to further his SAP expertise, undertaking numerous global projects and earning recognition for his technical prowess and leadership.

Steve’s journey continued with roles at various companies, including positions in Brazil, China and France, where he tackled diverse SAP projects ranging from aerospace and defence to housing and maintenance. Throughout his career, Steve has demonstrated a relentless drive for personal and professional development.

Steve believes his accelerated skills were acquired from various command and leadership courses during his time in the Royal Navy and a subsequent ‘Diploma in Management’ at Greenwich University. His professional way of working was noticed more so during one of his last projects for Wartsila which involved implementing the changes required for the European VAT package 2010. This was a ten month project that delivered an effective solution in time (during some extremely tight deadlines due to the late arrival of the SAP OSS notes).

In 2015, Steve founded ‘JICL’, driven by his passion for SAP and a commitment to assisting businesses with their SAP requirements. With a wealth of experience and a proactive approach, Steve continues to deliver quality results and support his clients worldwide today.

A highly motivated, enthusiastic individual with a strong commitment to producing quality results every time.

"...a great asset to JLR, increasing our understanding of SAP and improving the process of delivering engines to our car assembly plants. Fixing historic issues and on-boarded customers through integrated middleware, JICL were a pleasure to work with and always very supportive in finding solutions to complex issues!"
Material Planning & Logistics SME
Jaguar Land Rover, UK

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